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# Spring 2006 – Max, Baca Berjozka & Almazka

I am Rita Teek and I live in Tartu, a small city in Estonia, with my family. Estonia is a small country in the Baltic Region of Nourthern Europe, one of the three Baltic states. There is only 1.3 million people living in Estonia. Estonia is bordered by Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Russia. We have cold winters with a snow – Borzois love this and nice summers, usually not too hot. In my family there is my husband, two daughters and some Borzois who are always with us as family members. I was born in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, but moved to Tartu to study in a university, met my husband and stayed here. I have two daughters: Viivika is 25 years old and Marleen 20 years old. Viivika already lives with her family. At first I studied in University of Tartu, Faculty of Medicine, 1999 I continued my studies in Residency in Medical Genetics and since 2005 I am working as Clinical Geneticist, and finished PhD studies in 2010. I work every day with patients who have hereditary diseases or disease of unknown etiology.

I work every day, and at weekends I go to shows or longer walks with my Borzois. All my family members are able to look after home with Borzois. Borzois live with us as family members – they sleep in living or bedrooms and walk in the garden. As my husband works at home, most of Borzois spend their days in the garden. In the mornings we have short morning walks and if I have more time some Borzois go to evening walks. When I cook for my family usually one of the Borzois sleeps in the kitchen and when I am in working with the computer some Borzois sleep near me. I am so used to be around Borzois, that during my official journeys I don’t feel good in the hotel alone…

The amount of Borzois at my home has increased with years. When you want to breed Borzoi and oldies live with you, you can’t have 1-2 Borzois. At first in 1993 I had only one borzoi, then Fills’ daughter stayed with me and I had 2 Borzois. Since 2000 I had 3 Borzois and since 2004 four Borzois. During recent years I have had 7 Borzois at my home: the oldest is now my beautiful Mona (Philadelphian Sabanna Dara Demona) 10 years; next littermates, the offspring of Charunija – tricolor Fenija (Philadelphian Sabanna Fenija) and sable Lips (Philadelphian Sabanna Filipp) – 7.5 years old; and three Fenijas offspring Hedon (Philadelphian Sabanna Hedon), Hozette Philadelphian Sabanna Hozette) & Hodawa (Philadelphian Sabanna Hodawa) – they are 2.5 years old; and the youngest is Jelisenda (Bolshajan Jelisenda), the daughter of Hedon. Well, Filipp is my daughter`s Borzois, too and Marleen takes a good care of Lips. I have also some Borzois in co-ownership: Philadelphian Sabanna Danko, Philadelphian Sabanna Dolina,  Philadelphian Sabanna Esenija, Philadelphian Sabanna Efrosinija, Philadelphian Sabanna Gala Gardeia and Philadelphian Sabanna Gurlen. In 2021/2022 I got some more co-ownership Borzois – from Philadelphian Sabanna I-Litter Irbis, Ilarija and Izumrud, also I bring from Sweden little Scheztaya The Reasons Why (Richard).

I have had great winners and just Borzois at home. I love them all, all they need my best care and love. All of them were or are personalities with appearance, needs and behaviour specificity.


# Charunija & Rufus, 2011 (Photo by Pille Saar)

Kennel Philadelphian Sabanna is registered in FCI at 1998 when I was planning a litter to Kenter Rebecca. The first part “Philadelphian” comes from name of my very first Borzoi Fill – I knew for a year that she is Filadelfia and Fill will stay for me as Filadelfia forever. The second word, “Sabanna”, is from nick name of Fills daughter Kenter Rebecca – Saba. This bloodline didn’t go on… but the names of my first Borzois live in all my Borzois as Philadelphian Sabanna.

But by History, I got my first dog, a Standart Silver Poodle, in 1982 and since that time dogs have always been part of my life.


# Mauri

I started to go to training groups, and very soon I was going to show my Poodle Mauri everywhere it was possible at this time. We had some nice wins, and Mauri had some litters in Latvia. From Mauri`s first litter I took a female puppy – Kapri – and planned to breed Poodles. Back then we didn’t have the possibility to vaccinate our puppies – and I lost my sweetheart Kapri at the age of 6 months… this was so sad and unfair… In the next year Mauri became a Sire of litter again, but only one female and five males were born… so I took a male puppy to Estonia and found him a good home (it seemed so). Pongo (Paris L’Amour) was growing up to a beautiful poodle, but due to sad situation at home I took him back and started to show him. This time I was already living in Tartu, I visited birth home only at some weekends and my parents were everyday-companions for my Poodles.


# Pongo & Mauri

Once arriving home, there was only 11-years-old Mauri waiting for me – Pongo died after rapid illness; as I had important exams at this time my parents did not let me know about this… We started looking for another breed, that is healthy, does not need regular grooming and can spend more time in the garden.


# We saw Beautiful Borzois at the Show – this was so Magic

We found a Borzoi puppy from the Show – my brother took this 8-week-old Borzoi puppy to my parents place and old Mauri started to educate this puppy. At first this puppy was running under Mauris abdomen, but after some months Mauri was a little dog compared to Kenter Don Diego (Sherwoodi Jaht Finnpartikular x Milly) – a big male Borzoi with kind heart.


# Don Diego

Some months later 2.5 years old Borzoi-female was looking for new home and I decided to take her with me to Tartu. I got my very first Borzoi, Fill, in 1993 – Sherwoodi Jaht Frensiswait (Bobbyn-Michael-Robin-Good x Karolina-Grand-Grace). Fill was a Great Borzoi, she loved me so much, followed me everywhere – to my friends, trips and walks. That’s why I have Borzois – Fill showed me how wonderful breed Borzoi is by soul. Fill`s coat was creme and white.


# Fill

At that time I was an usual student and so I was taking Fill as rental dog – in first season I had to breed her and give a litter of pups to her owner. A litter of 8 pups was born in April 1994, I lost one puppy at the age of one week (during that night I was at working in the hospital) – and since that I am looking after all litters 24/7 for two-three first weeks… The litter was growing up, looking for homes for Borzoi-puppies has always been difficult at all times in Estonia (we have only 1.3 million persons in Estonia and Borzoi is a specific breed). So the last puppy, Saba, classically-looked red with white female, was still looking for her owner at the age of 6 months.  Nobody wanted Rebecca due to her name – at this time TV series were very popular and Rebecca was a really bad person there… but I liked this name more than others. Then owner of Fill proposed me to keep Saba – Kenter Rebecca (Berkut x Sherwoodi Jaht Frensiswait) because the litter was at my home for such a long period of time.


# Kenter Rebecca, “Saba”

Since that I had two Borzois with me, following me. This was a wonderful time – we walked a lot in the forests, near the Sea, visited Don Diego and Mauri and had long walks together. We travelled a lot with my husband in Estonia and our two Borzois were always with us. I did not show my Borzois, because this was too expensive for a student. In one cold winter-night I lost my Fill due to gastral torsion, she was only 5 years old… and in following day my first daughter, Viivika, was born…

Saba was a beautiful classical red and white Borzoi and my friend during very important time of my life – University studies, the waiting for my two daughters and their birth, starting to work. I planned a Litter to Saba very carefully and found a beautiful male from Riga – I travelled twice to Riga (Latvia) but didn’t get the puppies. Saba had only one season in year – so last time I tried to breed her in Estonia, but due to familiar situation it was not possible. So some dreams stay as dreams and Kenter Rebecca did not go on. Saba was shown more in veteran age – when I had possibility to start with dog-shows again. Saba had some nice wins – some more veteran BIS-2 placements, but I am most proud about her veteran BIS-1 in Estonian Winner Show. Saba lived with us nearly 12 years.


We took a sable 4-years-old Borzoi-male, Karlos, from Dog-Shelter, because one Borzoi was a half of Borzoi… Karlos spent 7 years with us and loved us much as a Borzoi from Shelter can love you…


# Viivika & Karlos

In 2000 I got a new puppy –INT BALT EST LV LT RO RU* CH ESTW03 LTW03 Exlibris Canes Baca Berjozka (“Käpu”). I was waiting for Baca Berjozka for some years. Baca Berjozka carried old Finnish bloodlines – the Sire was MULTI CH WW98 Japejukan Kulkuri and Dam CH Rakenlov Paloma Pojarova.


I was waiting for creme and white puppy (as was my first Borzoi Fill), but got sable and white one… But these years with Baca Berjozka made me love sable color up to today.


# … I love you too…

Baca Berjozka was my first Borzoi who was going more to the shows and the first female Borzoi in Estonia who got INT CH title.


# Käpu won her 4th CACIB (Vilnius, 2003)

Baca Berjozka loved me so much – she refused to walk with other family members. Baca Berjozka had beautiful head, gorgeous side view, perfect tail (!), nice coat and she was a great mover. We spent together 11 years and 10 months – this was a beautiful time. When the time came to breed Baca Berjozka, I travelled twice to Finland to mate her, but again without pups… This was a bad luck with my breeding plans during 6 years (it started since I planned to breed Saba)… The third time I selected a young male Russkiy Standart Atlet from Estonia for Baca Berjozka and finally the first, Philadelphian Sabanna A-Litter was born on 20th of July 2004: 5 males and 1 female.


# Philadelphian Sabanna A-Litter, 2004

So Exlibris Canes Baca Berjozka is Philadelphian Sabanna´s foundation bitch. This litter was a Linebreeding to old Finnish bloodlines and I got 6 pups, from which 5 were copy-paste sable ones like the Sire of pups. This Litter taught me to love English bloodlines – as the Grandsire of Litter was Manitias Krasnyi Orjel. All puppies had show quality and a very good character. Among 6 puppies 5 became champions.


# Käpu & Mellu, the Parents of A-Litter, 2004

I have some Great imported Borzois from kennel Rajalinjan in Finland. When I saw a pic of white Borzoi-puppy I felt that my Dream about White Borzoi may came true. I am thankful to Minna Saarinen who let Max to come live with us. So some months later white Max came to our home – INT BALT EST LTU LV SLO SU RUS FIN CH ESTW05 Rajalinjan Borisowitch (MULTI CH WW02 Rajalinjan Orlow x INT CH CH Rajalinjan Kitaro). I was travelling a lot because of the shows with Max. Max was brave and good companion in all situations. As a youngster Max was very interested in Lure Coursing and he got 3 LC CAC-s. Max was also BIS Working class in Finnish Borzoi Club Speciality, Lithuanian Sighthound Speciality BIS-2 and Latvian Sighthound Speciality BIS-5. Max had long white coat – this needed more work, but was extremely beautiful in the shows. When I felt that need to groom someone – this was Max. Max had very good front angulation, he was a good mover and at the age of 11 years Max had great bite! Max has been shown a few times in veteran class, and did really well – Veteran BIS 1 and Veteran BIS 4 in all breed shows.


# Max BIS-I Veteran in Rakvere CAC Show (2011)

Max lived with us 11 years and 7 months, Max walked with a pleasure in the mornings and was all his life in action during every season that our females have at home.


# Max is Best Male and won his second CACIB (Vilnius, 2005)

My second Rajalinjan Borzoi is INT BLR LT EST CH LVW09 LTW09 Rajalinjan Djewuschka (Rajalinjan Aramis Malchik X Rajalinjan Zamzara) – very Special Girl for me. Annuschka got all her titles so easy. I like Annuschkas appearance – big eyes, perfect tail, good moving even at age of 10 years and she still has very good bite. Annuschka loves me so much.


# Annuschka

I was planning a litter for Annuschka, but she didn’t get puppies… now I would like to breed my females at a younger age, because it has happened that during 2-3 season we have a bad luck (female will not be pregnant or due to working or family situations it is not possible to grow up litter every time), then become age of 8 years… and a beautiful female´s blood won`t go on… It is not always possible to breed female before the age of 5 years…  Annuschka was the oldest Borzoi and oldest dog who I have been. Annuschka lived 15 years and 7 months, she walked up to end every morning nicely and was eating so good.


# Annuschka was at European Winner Show 2007 in Zagreb among 87-st Borzois reserve European Winner 2007

In 2008 we import with Jelena a Borzoi-Girl for showing and breeding from Slovenia Kennel Wolkowo. Gracioznaja Gardeia Wolkowo was our dream, I loved her ancestors, but unfortunatelly we didn’t get puppies to Gardeia… Gardeia leave us at the age of 5 years…


# Gardeia

My next import Borzoi was from Zafonic kennel, Zafonic Frost’n Flame (Zafonic Chinook x Toffs Uncatchable Katya At Zafonic). I had a lot of dreams with Rufus, but some dreams never come true. Rufus was a great friend to my younger daughter, Marleen. We lost Rufus tragically at the age of 2.5 years and more than 3 years later still Marleen was going to me to cry about Rufus` loss.


# Rufus, 2011

And for some more years our latest import was  C.I.B. LV LT EST BLR RU CH EST JCH Bojar Jaroslawna (Sasma Fi-It x CH Solovyov Yagoda-Malina) – very red tall male. Bojar stole my heart and never goes unnoticed – he was so big and so red. I love English bloodlines and Bojar is real English-type Borzoi for me. Bojar was big, but he had the best character you can wish for – friendly, reliable and happy – this is very important when you have a big male at home. Bojar was similar to the very first Borzoi in our home – Kenter Don Diego. Bojars big eyes were smiling all the time and what is important to me – Bojar had perfect rare angulation and good tail. Bojar was a Sire of Philadelphian Sabanna E-litter and I am very grateful to Ella Kasmann from kennel Exlibris Canes for letting Exlibris Canes Krasnaja Strela be the Dam of the litter. Unfortunatelly I lost my Big Red Man due to babesiosis at the age of 4.5 years… this was so sad and painful…


# Bojar, 2012

My latest import was EST CH EST JCH EST JW16 FINJW16  Lunnaja Raduga Yaromir Moskovskiy (INT RUS FIN CH WW14 Solovyev Giacint x RUS CH Lunnaja Raduga Afrodita). Izumcik arrived in one cold January night from Moscow and he likes our home at first moment.  Izum was fitting nicely to our pack and they spend good time with Lips and Fenija. But in one October evening suddenly leave Izum us… I have no words… Izum was only 4 years old and in best condition, the only Borzoi at my home, who took part in Lure Coursing Competitions…


Photo by Ede Eerits

hurdad2018-09 u17-036


The first Borzoi Litter grew up at my home in 1994 – but as their mother was not my own Borzoi, pups got kennel-name as “Kenter”. After this litter I got the mother of pups Sherwoodi Jaht Frensiswait and one female – Kenter Rebecca (Saba). Saba was a beautiful classical red and white Borzoi. I planned a Litter to Saba very carefully. …But some dreams stay as dreams and Kenter Rebecca did not go on.

Philadelphian Sabanna A-Litter:

INT BALT EST LV LT RO RU* CH ESTW03 LTW03 Exlibris Canes Baca Berjozka is Kennel Philadelphian Sabanna´s foundation bitch. Philadelphian Sabanna A-Litter was born on 20th of July 2004: 5 males and 1 female. I selected a young male Russkiy Standart Atlet from Estonia to be Sire of this Litter. This Litter was a Linebreeding to old Finnish bloodlines and I got 6 pups, from which 5 were copy-paste sable ones like the Sire of pups. This Litter taught me to love English bloodlines – as the Grandsire of Litter was Manitias Krasnyi Orjel. All puppies had show quality and a very good character. Among 6 puppies 5 became champions.

EST JCH EST BLR RU CH ESTW05 Philadelphian Sabanna Almazka – the only daughter of Baca Berjozka, my little sweetheart. Almazka was sable femine Borzoi, Philadelphian Sabannas bloodline carrier: Almazka was the Dam for Philadelphian Sabanna B- and C-Litter. Almazka took a very good care for her C-litter – 9 puppies. Almazka was everywhere with me in everyday life and Almazka was good in Lure Coursing.


# Almazka

Philadelphian Sabanna Amur lived near me with my friend and although he had show-quality Amur was never shown.

C.I.B. EST FIN BLR SLO* RU* LV* CH, Alpe Adrian Winner-06, Latvian Winner-06, Latvian Winner-07 Philadelphian Sabanna Agross (Krossu) moved to my parents´ home and I showed him a lot, Agross was also the first “Philadelphian Sabanna” INT CH. Agross had very good balanced character and he was my great friend, who lived often with us in Tartu. Agross had masculine appearance – good tall size, strong bone, nice coat. We travelled lot with Agross, Agross was a good companion in the trips. Agross sired one litter in kennel Exlibris Canes in 2010, with C.I.B. BALT LV LT EST BLR ROM CH C.I.C. EST FIN LC CH EMM06 EVMM10 Exlibris Canes Krahvinna Anna (6 puppies) – Agross’ son Exlibris Canes Seryi Dumjan goes to the shows at present, daughter Exlibris Canes Skarlet had a litter in 2014 in kennel Exlibris Canes. Both are champions.


# Krossu

BALTJW05 EST LT JCH Philadelphian Sabanna Azov moved to United Kingdom to Skyra Wolfhound kennel, before moving Azov had nice Show-career in Baltic countries. Azov was nicely shown in England, too, and Azov sired also some litters. Azov offspring goes on up to today and they are known by good character.


# Azov at Photosession


# Azov

EST LV CH Philadelphian Sabanna Ataman was in co-ownership with Jelena Knjazeva in Estonia. Ataman was the only pup with white and sable, Ataman had gorgeous head, very good coat and perfect tail as his mother, Baca Berjozka.


# Ataman

LV EST CH Philadelphian Sabanna Agat Karol, the 6th puppy moved to Latvia as friend to his family, but did really well at the shows. Agat Karol was also Latvian Top Borzoi 1, Latvian Top Sighthound 4 and among all breeds Latvian Top Show-Dog 14 in 2008; in 2009 Latvian Top Borzoi 1. I am especially proud of Agat Karols result from Borzoi Speciality in Elagin Island, St. Petersburg, Russia – “Elagin 2009” (entered 124 Borzois), Agat Karol won winners class (judged by Andre v.d. Broek) and got Kennel Neskazannyi Svet Cup – the prize was awarded to the most bright representative of the breed Borzoi in Elagin Show!


# Agat Karol


# Almazka & Charunija running

I planned a new litter for Baca Berjozka, but Baca Berjozka got pyometry. We tried to treat her, but at last was Baca Berjozka operated and did not have possibility to get pups anymore. This was painful and hopeless time… but I am glad that we got Baca Berjozka back to life.

Philadelphian Sabanna B-Litter:

B-litter was born on 28th of February 2007, the parents were my import from Finland CH Rajalinjan Borisowitch and CH Philadelphian Sabanna Almazka. I had again bad luck – got only one male puppy – Philadelphian Sabanna Bistri – who moved to live in co-ownership. We lost Bistri at the age of 16 months and up to today I don’t know the reason why Bistri died…

Philadelphian Sabanna C-Litter:

I decided to breed Almazka again, but this time I had to take a trip to Sweden, where in kennel Lynx lived Donskoi Dimitrii – a young tricolor male, born in England. I love English Borzois and I was very happy when I saw Dimitriis pics on kennel Lynx website as a puppy and since this time I had followed him growing up. In Finnish Winner Show at 2007 I had possibility to see and touch Dimitrii and so in Midsummer Eve I had a successful trip to Sweden. Kennel Philadelphian Sabanna C-Litter was born on 28th of August 2008 – 9 puppies, 4 males and 5 females. All puppies were colored as tricolor or black and tan and they were by character the most active litter. I got a really good litter – among 9 puppies 7 are champions and 4 pups have offspring as today! When the second puppy, female, was born, I knew that she will be my companion in the shows and will go on with this bloodline – I was falling in love with newborned babys black elegance and style. This is EST FI LV LT BLR CH EST JCH BLRW12 Philadelphian Sabanna Charownitza (Charo) – efective female with beautiful lines, with good tail, great movement and best calm character. Years later Charo became a Dam of Philadelphian Sabanna D-Litter.


# Charo (Photo by Pille Saar)

After some minutes the next little female puppy born and I was really confused, because I feel that this girl is my Borzoi, too. A small (the smaller one) baby-girl was very active, eating well and was growing up to a beautiful Borzoi – C.I.B. EST LV LT BLR RU CH ESTW12 Philadelphian Sabanna Charunija. Charunija (Duunja) was my most active and crazy Borzoi and she was doing everything with passion. Charunija was very classical by appearance, with beautiful head and she was also a great mover. Charunija is the Dam of Philadelphian Sabanna F-Litter.


# Charunija. Photo by Pille Saar

Charunija would need a longer coat for winning nowadays shows and it was a pity because Charunija was very classical Borzoi with a good anatomy.


# Charunija


# My two beloved Girls from C-Litter – Charunija & Charo, 2011

One male from this litter – ESTJW09 FINJW09 NORDJW09 FINW09 EST JCH Philadelphian Sabanna Chelkash – became a legendary Borzoi to me, Chelkash was too good to live with us. Chelkash was well-balanced, strong efective beautiful male with loving character. During his short life got Chelkash a lot of titles in a strong competiton, Chelkash had 4x qualified to Crufts, JUN BIS-2, BIS-3 from all breed show. At the age of 17 months we lost tracically our Great Chelkash due to car accident… we had a lot of snow at this winter and Borzois were in other garden, the gate didn’t close correctly and Chelkash run to the street under the car… this was a big tragedy for us.


# Chelkash winning FINJW09 & FINW09 titles


# Chelkash winning his very first CACIB


# Chelkash & Charunija. Photo by Pille Saar

LT CH Sighthound Club Winner 2010 Philadelphian Sabanna Chaika moved to Lithuania and she ist the Dam of kennel Ryto Tangos S-Litter. Chaika is very elegant, she has beautiful head, good proportions and is great mover as all „pups“ from my C-Litter.


# Chaika

EST LV JCH IRL CH Philadelphian Sabanna Chudesnaja moved to Ireland, before that she was nicely shown in Crufts 2010, where she got 3rd placement in a big class and got qualified for Crufts 2011. Chudesnaja has near perfect anatomy, with stylish old-English head. Thanks to Chudesnaja one of my dreams came true – to show Philadelphian Sabanna Borzoi at Crufts.

m23a u10-05

# Chudesnaja @ Crufts 2010. Photo by Svetlana Valujeva

EST LV JCH EST LV CH Philadelphian Sabanna Chernomor is black and tan male, with beautiful head, good movement and very good character.


# Chernomor. Photo by Tiia Pihlik

BALT EST LV LT CH SBOB SBIS-4 Philadelphian Sabanna Charodei Chernij – a black elegant male, the Sire of Bistri Borzoi A-litter in Estonia.


# Charodei. Photo by Sakari Lampola

Philadelphian Sabanna Charownik and Philadelphian Sabanna Cherkai moved to their homes as family members.


# Almazka with her offspring – Charo, Chelkash & Duunja

After 9 puppies C- Litter I was taking a small break for my PhD thesis. I lost beloved Chelkash. A year later I lost sweetheart Almazka. I tried to mate Rajalinjan Djewuschka, but not successfully. Everything was wrong.

Philadelphian Sabanna D-Litter:

In 2008 I saw in the the show in St. Petersburg a beautiful Borzoi from Finlad who was for a year for showing from US – CH Staraja Russa Dushil Legende. I was looking to Dushil for Almazka, but Dushil moved back to US and I lost Almazka due to car accident. I wrote to breeders in Finland and Dushils owner in US, the owner of Dushil wrote me that in Sweden lives Dushil’s son – Legende’s Patrician Ibaby I Am Ladniy At Metelitsa. I met Ladnyi in WW 2010 and EW2010 shows.

Philadelphian Sabanna D-Litter was born on 16th of February in 2012 and the proud parents were INT FI NU SU NORD  CH WJW-2010 NORDJW-2010 DKW-2010 Legende’s Patrician Ibaby I Am Ladniy At Metelitsa  and CH Philadelphian Sabanna Charownitza. I got a litter of 11 pups, all puppies were growing up and all 11 pups have show-quality! Among 11 pups there are 3 C.I.B. and 8 Champions for today.


C.I.B. EST BLR RU FI CZ PL LV LT* CH EST JCH ESTJW13 LTJW13 TLNJW13 TLNW13 TLN CupJW13 FINW15 Philadelphian Sabanna Dara Demona (Mona) is my Dream. Mona is so femine and gentle, Mona has good character, beautiful appearance, great head and expression and she may be a great mover. Mona has also Lure Coursing Licence.


C.I.B. EST BLR RU FI CZ PL LV* CH EST JCH HeJW12 TLNJWCup13 LTJW13 LVJW13 Philadelphian Sabanna Dar Demon (Siil) is my daughter Marleen´s Borzoi. Siil has kind character – so good to be a friend of a teenager and they spend a lot of time together. Marleen shows Siil by herself and as you can see by titles is Siil a nice Borzoi. Siil is sable and white by color. Siil is also DM clear (tested). Siil is the Sire of Latvian Kennel Cars Ivans N-Litter and Philadelphian Sabanna H-Litter.


# Marleen & Siil

Mona & Siil take part in Brace Competitions, with nice results – they are so similar.

ame19 ame20 ame21 ame26

# 4 x Mona & Siil – so similar at Brace Competitions. Photos by Viivika, Marianna Villanen & Siim Kinnas

C.I.B. BALT LV LT EST CH EST JCH Philadelphian Sabanna Danko – a sable and white Borzoi who lives in co-ownership with Jelena. Danko has good character, beautiful head and he is by type like old Finnish Borzois were.

EST LV* CH EST JCH Philadelphian Sabanna Dolina – a beautiful white and sable female who lives in co-ownership with Ene and Dolina similar to her sister Mona. I show Dolina sometimes. Dolina has beautiful head with dark eyes, very good proportions and angulation and she is very good mover.

EST RU CH Philadelphian Sabanna Drakon – masculine tricolor male, with beautiful head, good angulation and great mover, lives in Estonia. Drakon is also DM clear (tested).


# Drakon. Photo by Varje Härm

EST CH Philadelphian Sabanna Dogadka – very femine black and tan female with beautiful appearance, lives in Estonia.

RU LV LT CH RU JCH EuroSighthound Junior Winner 2013 Lithuanian Sighthound Club Junior Winner 2013 Philadelphian Sabanna Dobromir – white and sable male with a beautiful appearance, liveD in Moscow, Russia. Dobromir had also Lure Coursing Licence.

Leipzig Winner 2014 Philadelphian Sabanna Danijara – a beautiful tricolor female, lives in Germany, Danijara also has Oval Track Licence. Danijara had a nice Litter of 9 puppies in 2015 in Kennel Avant-Garde Art.

Philadelphian Sabanna Darena moved to Finland, Philadelphian Sabanna Danijar to France and Philadelphian Sabanna Doroteya lives in Estonia.

It happened so that in 2014 we have 2 Litters: both Dams were in such kind of age that there wasn’t time to wait for next year. Two Litters is a crazy action in Estonia, where is so difficult to find owners for the pups, but we did it.

Philadelphian Sabanna E-Litter:

I love English bloodlines and now I had possibility to breed red Borzois Bojar and Strela who have common ancestor Manitias Krasnyi Orjel. Philadelphian Sabanna E-Litter born on 18th of February 2014 – two years after D-Litter. The proud Sire of E-Litter is CH Bojar Jaroslawna and the Dam is CH Exlibris Canes Krasnaja Strela. There are 7 puppies in E-Litter: 3 males and 4 females and all of them found nice homes.

Philadelphian Sabanna Elisei, sable male, stayed to Estonia but died due to accident at the age of 10 months…

PL CH Philadelphian Sabanna Emelijan, a red male, moved to Poland (Kennel Impuls I Slpendor), the Sire of Kennel Impuls i Splendor F and H-Litters;

ame27 em01

# Emelijan

Philadelphian Sabanna Epifan, grey male, lives in UK (Kennel Skyra) and has sired a Litter in Skyra Kennel.Among black and tan females Eruga moved to Finland, Erza stays to Estonia. Red girls Efrosinija and Esenija are in Estonia in co-ownership.

EST CH Philadelphian Sabanna Esenija is the Dam of Philadelphian Sabanna G-Litter.


# Esenija

Philadelphian Sabanna F-Litter:

This wasn’t easy to find a male for Charunija. During many years one of my favourite females was MULTI CH Staraja Russa Feodorovna. I was looking for her offspring, but she has had only one Litter, 2 males. One of them became a Dad to my F-Litter: CH Metelitsa Volshebniy Viking. Philadelphian Sabanna F-Litter born on 24th of May 2014 from combination INT RU BLR LV CH BLRW Eurasia Champion Metelitsa Volshebniy Viking x INT EST LV LT BLR RU CH ESTW-12 Philadelphian Sabanna Charunija, and there are 5 puppies – 2 males and 3 females. One male, Filipp, is sable like Dad, other puppies are tricolor like the Dam: male Filimon and three females – Faranija, Fedora and Fenija. 

C.I.B. FIN EST RUS LV* LT HR CH EST JCH TLNW-16 LTW-17 ESTW-19  Philadelphian Sabanna Filipp lives with us and is my daughter Marleen´s Second Borzoi. Lips has more active character than Siil. Marleen shows Lips by herself. Lips is our first BIS Borzoi.

C.I.B.  EST FIN RUS* LV LT HR CH EST LV JCH ESTW15 ESTJW15 LVJW15 Rigas Winner 2015 Philadelphian Sabanna Fenija lives with us and is carrying the bloodlines of Charunija. Fenija is so similar to her mother Charunija – so passionated and active. Fenija is the Dam of Philadelphian Sabanna H-Litter.

Philadelphian Sabanna Faranija moved to England, but after two weeks died due to babesiosis… at the age of 9 months… so as it was short time to live in her new home Faranija will be always in my heart as my Borzoi…

Philadelphian Sabanna Fedora moved to Finland and Philadelphian Sabanna Filimon moved to Sweden.

Philadelphian Sabanna G-Litter:

I was dreaming to breed Charo and Bojar, but didn’t find the good time. And then I lost my Bojar. But then Charos’ and Bojars’ bloodlines meet together in Philadelphian Sabanna G-Litter: C.I.B. BALT LV LT EST CH EST JCH Philadelphian Sabanna Danko x Philadelphian Sabanna Esenija.
The Puppies born in 02.11.2016 and there are 3 boys and 2 girls. Philadelphian Sabanna Godunov and Philadelphian Sabanna Gala Gardeia stay in kennel with Jelena Knjazeva. Philadelphian Sabanna Gurlen lives in Tartu, in co-ownership with Liisa Vesik. Philadelphian Sabanna Gaia Gracia stays in Estonia, too and Philadelphian Sabanna Gvidon moved to Finland. All puppies from this Special Litter are in their new homes – now we have only wait their maturing.

I didn’t got a Litter from Mona (Philadelphian Sabanna Dara Demona) – God knows I tried a lot… I did everything… This is so unfair and sad and I have to go on without puppies of Mona, trying out to go on by other ways.

… I also didn’t got a Litter from Dolina (Phialdelphian Sabanna Dolina) – my Great Dreams falls to pieces…

Philadelphian Sabanna H-Litter:

But I got at long last a Litter from Fenija (Philadelphian Sabanna Fenija), where the Sire was Monas brother Dar Demon (Philadelphian Sabanna Dar Demon), and this H-Litter brouhgt hapiness back. I kept from H-Litter three beautiful sable Borzois:

Philadelphian Sabanna Hedon, who is my Gift from his Sire Dar Demon

Philadelphian Sabanna Hozette, my long-awaited sable female

and Philadelphian Sabanna Hodawa, just so similar to Dara Demona (Mona) by type


… and in 2020, in our first after-quarantine Show, we got amazing results – Lips (Philadelphian Sabanna Filipp) was at CAC Tartumaa all-breed Show BIS!!!

Photos by Siim Kinnas
and young Hedon (Philadelphian Sabanna Hedon) was JUN BIS!!!
Photo by Siim Kinnas
Such kind of great wins bring a lot of joy and give me power to move on.